10 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Present Data Like a Pro

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WordPress table plugins assist you in organizing and presenting information visually. There are several great solutions available on the market when it comes to creating tables in WordPress.

Due to their unique designs, all WordPress table plugins work differently. While some are fully automated, others allow you to upload or import data manually. Table plugins for WordPress assist with building pricing tables, data comparisons, charts, and more.

Here are the best WordPress table plugins you can opt for in the market:


As a freemium table plugin for WordPress, it is a powerful solution ranging from simple to advanced. The free version of wpDatatables is an ideal choice if you need a quick and simple table.

In addition to being able to customize tables manually, it has horizontal scrolling and is responsive and convenient for mobile viewing. It also features front-end inline and back-end editing.

You can opt between the Lite and Premium version depending on your needs. The lite version limits the table rows up to 150 rows, and you cannot edit on the front-end of your website or create manual tables.

The premium version has convenient functionalities such as conditional formatting, advanced sorting and filtering, table calculations, inline-table editing, database support, and many others.

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table builder with pre-built customizable tables that allow you to create almost anything from pricing tables to schedules to product lists to restaurant menus.

The plugin allows you to easily import or export the data you need from other sources and create mobile responsive tables. In addition, you can integrate them with Gutenberg and add features like icons, star ratings, lists, and images.

Using the WordPress table builder is a good option if you need to manage more than tables on your site. The WP Table Builder plugin allows you to seamlessly create good-looking responsive tables and customize them for consistency and efficiency.

You can download the free version on the WordPress.org plugin directory. A 14-day money-back assurance comes with the paid version ($39.99/year).


TablePress is one of the free WordPress table plugins that allow you to manually export and import data from external sources. It enables you to create beautiful tables and manage them effectively.

You can edit tables in a spreadsheet type-interface without expert knowledge in coding. This plugin allows you to change the styling or layout of a table by entering CSS code into the Custom CSS area (Plugin Options).

You can embed tables into WordPress posts, pages, or widget areas by using simple code. It allows you to alternate row background colors, highlight rows on mouse hover, add any form of data in the context of formulas, text, numbers, HTML, links, images, and JavaScript into your tables.

The additional DataTables JavaScript feature enables easy sorting, filtering, and pagination.

Ninja Tables

It is one of the best freemium table plugins with many diverse ways of creating WordPress tables quickly and easily. Ninja Tables has an excellent drag and drop rows and field types with customized permissions. It also allows row hover animations that come with unlimited colors to make your tables visually appealing.

Users can easily connect with Google Sheets, add multimedia elements and images, and integrate the plugin with WooCommerce. The user-friendly layout gives you easy access to settings and the front-end.

It also enables column formatting, highlighting rows, cells, and conditioning them according to suitable specializations. The table designs have front-end editing, WP post features, and it allows multiplatform integration.

You can unlock advanced features by paying a fee (roughly $49 a year) for a single-site license.

Posts Table Pro

Barn2 provides a unique table plugin for WordPress. The platform is easy to use without any coding experience. It is highly customizable with instant search and sort filters that enable you to:

• List any custom post, such as WordPress posts, products, e.t.c. in a table.

• Users can search for posts using keywords, filters, or sortable columns.

• Sort label contents by ID, tag, post type, category, or other custom field value.

You can also import videos, libraries, and directories then create instant tables for display. Posts Table Pro pricing starts at an affordable rate ($69 per year) for support and plugin for one site.

The business license is a bit steep ($119 per year) and the agency license upgrades go for a higher price ($249 per year) since you get more sites to put on the plugin. Additionally, you can choose lifetime access.


A free version is available, but the paid version offers more features – such as using a live editor, importing data from other sources, and creating corporate charts. The plugin helps you create responsive, customizable charts you can edit instantly from your database.

The application includes animated, colorful charts and diagrams that facilitate data sorting and classification. In addition to tables, the Visualizer provides line charts, pie charts, combo charts, area charts, timeline charts, and scatter charts.

The free version enables you to create, manage, and monetize interactive charts and tables on your posts. The free version is ideal for smaller websites. Large businesses should consider the premium version. The price is reasonable ($59 annually).

Furthermore, it comes with a front-end option for editing charts on your WordPress website.


Tablesome enables you to create fast and responsive tables. It has powerful features that are easy to use, customizable, with an intuitive and minimalistic interface.

You get a rich text editor within the tables with excellent columns and cell-level formatting options.

Table sorting is advanced, and table search gets streamlined to enable a fast and accurate result. Table filters, color and font options, and the ability to import tables from CSV or XLXS files are all available.

The input data can also vary in text, TextArea, Date, URLs, Emails, and much more. You can download the free version on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator offers a powerful option for creating visually appealing and responsive tables. The responsive editor and intuitive settings make it easy to explore and structure information as you need it.

The free version is powerful and supports unlimited rows and columns, data formatting, and merging cells. The customization tools offer options for sorting, pagination, color borders, and highlighting.

You can also upgrade to the pro version ($46) and enjoy front-end and back-end exports supported by EXCEL, CSV, PDF, and many others. Each version has unlimited access to the CSS editor, and you can integrate with WooCommerce.

WP Table Manager

It is the only table plugin in WordPress that provides a comprehensive spreadsheet-like interface to manage tables. It has a wide range of powerful editing tools including, table copying, HTML cell editing, Excel, calculations, Office 365 synchronization, and Google Sheets.

Users can instantly pick up a theme and start editing. It is easy to manipulate HTML in the tables using the WP Table Manager by Supsystic. It saves you time by enabling you to click on a cell during editing as it automatically saves the work.

There are also many tools for border radius, color, border, and tooltip editing. The plugin also makes ordering and filtering flexible while providing table front-end.

You can also synchronize Excel and Google Sheets or import your spreadsheet file, create the layout, and publish it.

League Table

League Table is versatile in functionality and offers over 135 customizable options. It has a reasonably low price ($39).

The plugin has many table options, so you do not need to create one from scratch, and the embeddable spreadsheet editors allow easy management of data.

It has sortable columns, filtering, colors, mathematical formulas, and you can insert JavaScript and HTML codes in cells.

League Table provides excellent multisite support that enables you to use the plugin on a wide range of websites on your network. Additionally, the plugin allows you to import and export XML files to other websites.

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