6 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared

In this post, we’ll be looking at the top SEO plugins for WordPress. We’ll cover the most popular ones for your own website and also some of the newest ones that are currently taking the SEO world by storm.

Here’s a list of 6 great WordPress SEO plugins that will make your website more visible to search engines, so you can get more visitors and better rankings:

1. Yoast SEO

Starting off this list is arguably the most well-known SEO plugin on the market. With Yoast SEO, not only do websites get full coverage of SEO functionalities, they are given a precise guideline of how to optimize according to their site. 

This feature alone is a big reason why this plugin has over five million sites using it. More than anything else, this plugin has made a name for itself with its content specific blueprint. It allows users to get full control of their content without running into problems such as over-optimization, missing links, and missing descriptions.

The fact that other WordPress SEO plugins have modeled their structure after this one should be a sign of how effective it is for WordPress sites.

2. Rank Math

What makes Rank Math so interesting is that it is packed with many different functionalities into one design.

As a newer plugin, this quality is the primary reason why it is growing in popularity.


· SEO & Content Audit

· Modular Framework

· Google Search Console Integration

· Rich Snippet Support

· XML sitemaps

· 404 Error & Redirection Manager

Overall, it allows you to break down the different stages of SEO optimization into a more manageable situation.

3. The SEO Framework

In reality, sometimes all a website needs are basic optimization functionalities to take them over the top. This is exactly what The SEO Framework plugin brings to the table.

As a lightweight plugin, the main benefits that this plugin will provide to a website is efficiency throughout any optimization stage. Apart from other plugins, this plugin allows you to add more features at your own pace.

What this allows a website to do is receive the full benefits of ranking naturally within the search engine’s algorithm.

As far as specific functionalities are concerned, it can help with webmaster verification tools, site monitoring, and keyword analysis as well. Worth mentioning, this is all included in the free core version of the plugin.

The upgraded version offers additional capabilities such as article schema markup and sitewide settings.

4. AIOSEO (All in One SEO)

Next to Yoast, a close second in terms of plugin popularity is the AIOSEO.

By all accounts, this plugin is one of the best when it comes to the technical side of SEO optimization for a website. 

Besides its basic SEO functionalities, it is best known for providing modular sitewide features such as XML sitemaps, advanced eCommerce support, and Google site links as well.

All of these features make it an amazing plugin for beginner level optimizers looking to take control of the technicality of optimizing.

5. SEOPress

While SEOPress might not be as well-known as other plugins as of now, it is certainly picking up steam.

As far as where it lands in the plugin capabilities spectrum, it lies somewhere in the middle by not giving too much or too little control to the user. 

Specifically, this plugin allows for the control of basic functionalities such as meta descriptions and social media information.

The rest is taken care of by the plugin according to your website needs and specifications.

6. Squirrly SEO

Last but not least, Squirrly SEO takes the most interesting approach to website optimization than any other plugin.

Given the fact that SEO is primarily based on keyword research, focusing on this factor is what has allowed this plugin to stand out.

More specifically, Squirrly emphasizes research and analysis of keywords using a variety of different approaches such as search volume searches and related keyword suggestions.

SEO Plugins & Your Website As A Whole

As a whole, you shouldn’t spend much time deciding which SEO plugin is the best one for you. Simply having an SEO plugin puts you far and ahead of competition websites who are not aware of what they are. 

That said, don’t rush into a quick decision either. Certain WordPress SEO plugins are made specifically for certain types of websites.

As an overall rule, choose a plugin that best fits the current standings of your website. Eventually, when any changes need to be made, you can always try out another plugin that fits best.

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