Why Lasso is a Must-Have WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Lasso is a WordPress Plugin for affiliate marketers. You can manage your affiliate links while increasing your income. If you are just beginning, you will discover that manually checking your posts and pages to make certain your promotions and links are current is virtually impossible.

If you are searching for the best solution, consider Lasso. You receive a wide range of useful features to make the process of affiliate marketing simpler and easier. If you are using affiliate marketing to monetize a niche site, you will continually experience the same issues. The solution is Lasso.

Lasso Overview

Lasso is an optimization and comprehensive link management WordPress plugin and much more than a basic management system for affiliate links. You receive features to enhance your conversion rates and clicks. Additional features enable the creation of modern display boxes to increase your link clicks even more. This tool is invaluable because it eliminates many of the tedious tasks performed manually.

The functionality surpasses simple link management or cloaking plugins. If your intention is to grow your niche affiliate websites, Lasso is exactly what you need. You receive options for display ads, Amazon Associates integration is built-in, link tracking alerts for out-of-stock products, a dashboard for managing your links and more.


Some of the most useful features of Lasso are detailed below.

1) Creating and Managing Custom URLs

Lasso makes it easy for you to add and manage URLs across your entire platform. Only a few clicks are necessary. Start by navigating to your main Lasso dashboard then click the Add New URL button. You will progress to the URL creation screen where you can customize and add details to your URL. You can use any affiliate program or product. Enter the information for the affiliate product you are linking.

You receive a wide range of URL customization options including dofollow and nofollow and whether you want to open using a new tab. Once you have entered and saved all of your information, you can use your link in an article and begin increasing your income.

2) Amazon Affiliate Syncing

If you are an Amazon affiliate marketer, this is a very useful feature. By entering your tracking code and API Keys into Lasso, you are connected to your Amazon affiliate account.

3) Finding and Monetizing Existing Links

Once you have entered some of your affiliate links and products into the Lasso URL database, you can monetize your existing article links. This is a unique Lasso feature effective for updating existing product links quickly or replacing links you have not monetized with monetized versions. Go to your Lasso dashboard and open the Content section. You will see an overview of your website articles and the number of links in each.

If you have old, unmonetized links, you can use an affiliate product URL you have already entered as an update. On your right is a yellow suggestion bar. Clicking on it will turn it green so it reads monetized. You will then see a window displaying every URL you created. You can now choose which product you want to use. Your link will now be monetized and you can embed it in the text where you previously placed your old link.

Essentially you are replacing one of your texts with another. This comes in handy when you are updating several product links in multiple articles because you save a lot of time.

4) Display Boxes and Customization Options

One of the most creative and useful features you will discover with Lasso is the ability to create and customize display boxes. When you create a visually attractive and appealing image or display box, you will increase your sales and clicks. Nothing draws attention to your display box better than aesthetics. You can create and manage display boxes with ease.

Once your custom URL has been created you simply click on display to view your customization window. You can now customize all of the basics including disclosure text and button text. If you want to change your image and description, you simply go back to your details section to make the changes. Now look below your sample display box.

You will see a shortcut created by Lasso you can paste into your post so you can display the box. These display boxes are extremely valuable because you can easily insert them directly into your articles. This will directly result in increasing your income.

5) Multiple Custom Themes

You receive eight different themes for your website including a demo theme. You can experiment with a variety of functions located in your display settings to customize your website including styling options for background color, buttons and call-to-action badges and texts. After you have experimented with the color fields, you can view the appearance of your display.

Now you can choose a color matching your website. You can set and preview your affiliate disclosures and CTA button text and hide or show display elements such as grid displays. If you are interested in linking two separate affiliates, you can provide more options for your readers and increase your opportunities to make more money.

Not only can you use these buttons for affiliates, but for product reviews and courses as well. A good example is using two CTA buttons for your display. You can use one to send readers to your review and the other to point to your affiliate link.


Lasso offers uncomplicated and easy-to-understand pricing plans. Although only one package is available, you can choose one of two different billing types. You can be billed monthly for $29 per site or annually at $260 each year. If you choose an annual subscription, you are receiving three months of Lasso absolutely free. If you prefer, Lasso also offers a free trial.

You can try Lasso free for 14 days with the free trial. You will be required to enter your payment details because you do not receive limited access with the free trial. Once your trial has expired, you will need to pay for your usage. You will receive full functionalities and unlimited affiliate links with your trial.

Pros and Cons


• Unlike a lot of plugins, Lasso offers enhanced customization. This enables you to display your affiliate links and products in almost any way you choose. You have eight different types to choose from. You also receive a shortcode reference guide providing you with advanced tips to integrate your displays with your website.

• The majority of affiliate marketers and bloggers earn money as an Amazon Associate. This is one of the most commonly used features. The bottom line is you can make more money with Amazon integration.

• You can connect to Google Analytics. Unless you can track the performance of your affiliate links, you will have a difficult time determining how well they are working. You can use Google Analytics reporting to determine the exact number of times your displays have been clicked and on which pages.

• You can do virtually anything with your affiliate dashboard such as finding new linking opportunities fast and easy or updating your links. You can filter for just out-of-stock products, broken links or opportunities.

• You can receive a 14-day Lasso free trial. This gives you the opportunity to test the Lasso WordPress plugin to make certain it works for your needs before you make a monthly or annual commitment.


• The cost of Lasso is higher than the competitors. Despite this, you receive a lot of advantages with Lasso for just $29 per month.

• There is no option for multi-sites. A multi-site pricing tier enables you to install Lasso across multiple sites. You will have to pay per site for Lasso.

The Final Word

If you are interested in a WordPress plugin for the management of your affiliate site, one of the most powerful tools is Lasso. Affiliate marketers designed Lasso specifically for affiliate marketers. If you own an online business and want to increase the monetization opportunities for your website, Lasso is the ideal solution. Since you can take advantage of the free trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links, meaning WP Crunch receives a commission if you make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

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