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If you want an accessible, fast-loading, and beautiful website, take a look at the Kadence theme. The Kadence Theme is a full-featured and lightweight WordPress theme. You can build the header of your choice in just minutes. You receive a beautiful library of templates you can modify easily using color and global font controls. You can build a wide variety of websites including:

 • E-commerce websites

 • Business websites

 • Course websites

The integration with popular third-party plugins is extensive. The style is welcoming and has a professional feel. The flexibility enables the customization of your theme quickly with your choice of either a casual or professional website. You will enjoy the style, wide selection, and themes rivaling the most popular options currently available.

Free Features

The Kadence Theme offers you a lot of free features including:

 • Starter templates

 • Customization options

 • Header builder

 • Global color pallet

 • Page by page settings

 • Blog post features

 • Kadence blocks

Starter Templates

You receive 13+ starter templates you can import easily to your website. This includes business sites and blogs. The majority of templates have a stylish, sleek, and modern design you can customize for your unique style.

Customization Options

You can access the customization options easily by navigating to your WordPress admin dashboard. You can view any changes you make in real-time. This means editing your website from the front-end is much easier. You can use the options to customize virtually everything including:

 • Menus

 • Homepage settings

 • Headers

 • Blog posts

 • Footers

Your modification and customization options are massive. Many of them are not available with other free themes.

Header Builder

The header builder includes a transparent header. The Kadence theme enables you to add specific elements to your header including:

 • Logo

 • Primary navigation button

 • Social media buttons

 • Search bar

Global Color Pallet

You can use this option for setting the same kind of elements or colors in different sections. The need to change the color of your elements individually has been eliminated because the pallet can be used for changing everything at the same time.

Page by Page Settings

This setting can be used for the full customization of any unique webpages. Simply navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard to access this feature.

Blog Post Features

You can easily define the appearance of your blog posts using these settings, You decide how your blog titles will be displayed. You can hide or show metadata, post categories, and comments. You can even completely change the layout of your blog post. Changing the appearance of your blog posts has never been easier.

Kadence Blocks

Your customization experience reaches a new level with Kadence Blocks. You receive a massive number of blocks enabling the design of your pages from scratch. You also receive:

 • Spacers/Dividers

 • Content boxes

 • Advanced buttons

 • Accordions

 • Testimonials

There are advanced settings included with every block so customizing different fields is easier. A good example is the setting for the row layout block. You can change your:

 • Text color

 • Overlays

 • Padding

 • Background

 • Vertical alignment

You can also use the page builder for adding different media files to your website pages. It is easy to add audio files, videos, and images. You will appreciate the option for embedding third-party apps including:

 • YouTube

 • Twitter

 • Instagram

 • Vimeo

 • Spotify

If designing your pages from scratch requires time you do not have available, the Kadence theme includes pre-built sections. You can complete your design process much faster by using the page builder packs. The Kadence Blocks free version is efficient and simple to use for creating unique pages.

Pro Version Paid Features

If you want to use all of the features available with the Kadence Theme, an upgrade to the premium version is required. This is the only way the functionality of the theme can be extended. The Pro Version offers you, even more, features including:

 • Additional header items

 • Member account element

 • Contact information

 • Search bar

 • Toggle widget area

 • Ultimate menus

 • Integrations

 • Pop-out cart

 • Catalog customization

 • Hooked elements

 • Expiry setting

Additional Header Items

The premium items you receive with the pro header builder can be dragged and dropped easily into your header grids for improved header functionality.

Member Account Element

You can use this feature for adding an account button to headers. You define the functionality by selecting different settings. You can have a drop-down box displayed to provide visitors with valuable account information or redirect them to your login page. If you have a membership website, this is a great option.

Contact Information

This option helps you add more contact information to the headers. You can display different information on your headers including a physical address, email, and phone number.

Search Bar

The search bar available with Kadence Pro is similar to the one on Amazon. You receive your choice of styling options making it a lot simpler to change the width and color of your bar.

Toggle Widget Area

The toggle widget area enables you to include an overlay displaying either specific information or a menu. The area includes several different toggle menu icons offering different possibilities for displaying your menu.

Ultimate Menus

You receive a variety of settings so different menus on your website can be customized. All of the options can be accessed from your WordPress admin menu. You simply choose the menus option, click the menu item you want, and select the settings for menu items. An interface will be displayed to help add icons to the menu of your choice.

A highlighted label can be inserted next to your menu icon. Although you can find a lot of themes with an option to add a mega menu to your website, the Kadence theme is one of few offering menu icons. This is yet another reason Kadence Pro is unique. There is also an option for disabling or enabling dropdown mega menus on your website. Mega menus can be created easily due to a large number of configuration options.

 You decide how many columns you want to include in your mega menus. You can find a good layout by using different options. There are also a variety of styling options included enabling the editing of your mega menus. You perform all of the following actions.

 • Change your link background

 • Change your link color

 • Change your background color

 • Add dividers


You can be assured of smooth integration with WooCommerce including numerous options for WooCommerce customization. The filter can be used to help your visitors find a variety of products at your online store. You decide whether you want your filter enabled or disabled according to your preferences.

Pop-Out Cart

Your visitors receive different options for shopping with the pop-out cart. You can redirect your visitors to a different page with a display of everything in their cart or a checkout page.

Catalog Customization

The catalog customization section allows you to style the containers and layout of your online store much easier. You decide how many products you want to be displayed in each row. This section offers several unique features including an option for custom content. You can use this feature for styling your shop from scratch.

All of the major page builders currently available are integrated with Kadence Pro. You also receive smooth integration for the default WordPress editor.

Hooked Elements

Hooked elements are included for enabling content to be added to the inaccessible areas of your website. You need to navigate to your WordPress admin menu to access this feature. Choose the appearances option, then click the button labeled Kadence. Content can be inserted by navigating to the elements section and clicking on the “Add New” option. You determine how you want your hooked elements placed by choosing different settings.

A good example is the insertion of hooked elements beneath your footers and before your comments. This feature can be used for replacing an entire footer. You can choose which pages display your hooked elements through the display settings. You can also select the users able to see these elements. Your content can be displayed to either all of your users or just the ones that have logged in.

You also receive device settings with this feature to determine which types of devices will be able to access the content you decided to display on your hooked elements.

Expiry Setting

Another reason Kadence Pro is different from the other themes is the expiry setting. You decide which content will expire. A good example is a sale at your online store expiring in 30 days. The expiry date can be set according to the length of your sale. Once the 30 days have expired, your content regarding the sale will also expire. The result is a neat and clean website.

Kadence Theme Pricing

The Kadence Theme is available in a free version. Several features are not included such as the WooCommerce Addon, Hooked Elements, and Header Addons.

Kadence Pro is available for $59 per year. If you want to use the theme for longer than two years, your best option is to purchase the lifetime version. The Lifetime Full Bundle is available for $599.

You can purchase Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, and Pro Starter Templates by selecting the Essential Bundle priced at $129 per year. The Full Bundle is priced at $199, features Kadence Cloud, Child Theme Builder, Kadence Shop Kit, and Kadence AMP.

Every version includes a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.

Pros and Cons


 • WooCommerce integration

 • Free version includes a lot of features

 • Fast and lightweight

 • Innovative elements feature

 • Accessibility-ready

 • Modern and clean design

 • Drag and drop footer/header builder

 • Multiple starter templates

 • Globally linked color palette

 • Works with Elementor, Gutenberg, and Beaver Builder

 • Deep integration with LifterLMS and LearnDash


 • Additional starter templates are necessary

 • Conditional headers are not included

 • No White-label option

 • Number of page builder plugins supported is limited

Final Word

The Kadence theme offers a lot of great features. The customization features are excellent for the premium and free versions to create high-quality pages for every website. The theme is SEO-friendly and lightweight. There are no performance issues for the users.

The Kadence theme is compatible with all of the major page builders. The advanced header builder allows you to design stunning headers effortlessly. For all of these reasons and more, the Kadence Theme has earned a great review.

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