28 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress


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Gutenberg blocks and block collections have become some of the most in-demand plugins on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

These plugins give WordPress users a new way to build beautiful and functional websites.

We’ve compiled a list of 28 block collections that will take your WordPress site to the next level.


Stackable adds tons of new features to the block editor. You can switch between hundreds of pre-made designs and personalize your content with 27 customizable blocks.

Some of the blocks included in the plugin are accordion blocks, advanced columns, button blocks, call to action blocks, featured grid blocks, and video popup blocks.

Stackable Premium gives you access to 355 block designs and 127 premium layouts. Use the 14-day money-back guarantee to make sure Stackable Premium is right for you.


Qubely offers a complete toolkit for building stunning websites. The plugin includes custom blocks, sections, and starter packs to help you create gorgeous web pages. The Layout Builder helps you build complex layouts instantly.

160+ ready-made sections are available for import to your WordPress site. Qubely’s collection of blocks enables you to customize every corner of your website. Use advanced styling and typography settings to set global permissions for quick and easy website building.

Starter packs allow content creators to build complete websites in just a few minutes. Qubely provides pre-designed page layouts for a variety of businesses such as agencies, restaurants and many more.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks provides a powerful page building toolkit for the WordPress block editor. A full design library and responsive design controls make Kadence a complete block plugin. Some of the blocks available are info boxes, forms, advanced galleries, and advanced headings.

The toolkit offers background controls that help you create beautiful sections. There are 1500 SVG icons available for upload to your website. Configure different defaults to control buttons, tabs, rows, and headings.

Documentation and tutorials are available on Kadence Blocks documentation page.

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a collection of page building blocks for the block editor. The plugin provides customizable blocks, page sections, and full-page layout designs.

Genesis Blocks is perfect for freelancers and agencies. You can use the plugin with StudioPress themes or any other WordPress theme.

Need even more features? Check out Genesis Blocks Pro, which is available in the Genesis Pro package.

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks has been rebranded and expanded as Genesis Blocks.

The plugin offers a unique collection of blocks to get any creator up and running quickly. A few of the blocks available with the plugin are newsletter, pricing table, call to action, author profile, and a sharing icon block.

Atomic Blocks brings out the absolute best features the block editor has to offer. The plugin is fully compatible with the Atomic Blocks theme or any other WordPress theme.

Atomic Blocks is a unique and evolving plugin for developers of any experience.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons by Brainstorm Force, adds powerful blocks to your Gutenberg editor. Build and design complete pages or posts without a single line of code. The possibilities are enormous with this growing library of beautiful blocks.

The library provides blocks for multi buttons, advanced headings, price lists, social share icons and many more. The interface is easy to use.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Info Box Block

Use the plugin together with the Astra theme to build stunning blogs, e-commerce stores, and business websites in minutes.


CoBlocks is a lightweight plugin with no bloat. The block collection consists of 36 creative blocks such author profile, click to tweet, pricing table, highlight, and a social sharing block. The shape divider block allows you to easily split up your page sections with beautiful dividers.

CoBlocks is designed for content marketers. The plugin is extensible and open source. All levels of developers can be involved.

CoBlocks was built by ThemeBeans, which used to offer a wide selection of beautiful WordPress themes.


A small collection of lightweight WordPress blocks that you can use to create almost anything. You get complete control over your typography, spacing, colors, and backgrounds.

GenerateBlocks enables you to quickly build advanced layouts with flexible grids. Easily add your own custom SVGs. The pro version gives you access to 150+ professionally-built templates and many more features.

GeneratePress, a lightweight WordPress theme, and GenerateBlocks are built on the same coding foundation. This dynamic combo allows you to build performance-focused websites.

Kioken Blocks

The plugin features a suite of blocks and extensions for the Gutenberg editor. Kioken Blocks are designed to increase your creative freedom and productivity.

The icon block comes with 1500 separate icons, while the pro version features an added 6000 more icons. The plugin will help you improve your WordPress block editor experience with professionally designed block templates and layouts.

You can easily combine Kioken Blocks with the GutenBooster theme or any other WordPress theme.


WordPress users will love Getwid’s extensive collection of blocks and the template library. Getwid is an all-in-one kit for anyone who wants to build great looking websites.

40 blocks to start with. Some of the blocks included in the collection are icon blocks, image blocks, and Mailchimp block.

MotoPress, the plugin developer, offers a large number of plugins and themes that are fully compatible with Getwid.

Ghost Kit

The Ghost Kit plugin offers 25 blocks, 8 block extensions and 26 block templates. Some of the blocks included in the collection are table of contents, carousel, pricing table, and a shape divider block.

Extensions add another powerful layer of functionalities to the block editor. Check out the documentation page to learn more about the plugin.

Ghost Kit provides useful and unique blocks for every experience level.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks provides essential blocks for bloggers and marketers. There are 18 customizable blocks in the library. The Ultimate Blocks code is optimized for speed.

A valuable feature to the plugin is its Block Manager for managing the different blocks within the system. Turn individual blocks on or off to keep WordPress lightweight.

A few of the blocks included in the plugin are tabbed content, review block, content filter block, image slider block, social share block, and a star rating block.

Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg, officially created by Elementor, allows WordPress users to quickly add any Elementor template into Gutenberg. This plugin offers the best way to combine Elementor and WordPress block editor.

The library offers 300+ pre-designed blocks and 100+ pre-designed pages. You can customize your blocks with unlimited design options.

Consider using Elementor Pro to get more powerful features.


GutenBee offers an elegant block collection for building visually stunning websites quickly. The plugin is designed to work with any theme and enhances many features of the Gutenberg editor.

GutenBee‘s block collection includes a slider block, a gallery block, an image comparison block, an icon box, and an accordion block. The plugin is built for speed and features regular updates.

CSSIgniter offers extensive documentation and premium support.

Toolset Blocks

Toolset Blocks are designed for building custom sites. Some of the blocks included are view block, container block, maps block, and a grid block.

The conditional block allows you to display or hide blocks based on conditions you set.

The plugin enables you to display custom fields, design templates, create archives, build searches and much more. Toolset includes everything you need to design great-looking sites.

Nova Blocks

Nova Blocks offers distinctive blocks to help you create visually stunning posts and pages. The plugin has been created with design in mind to help your website shine bright. The block collection includes a hero block, a slideshow block, and a media card block.

The plugin is open source and can be used with any WordPress theme.

Developers of Nova Blocks, Pixelgrade, built a wide variety of design driven themes.


Qodeblock offers page building blocks to enhance any area of your content. Some of the blocks included in the collection are advanced columns, author profile, testimonial, pricing, and a call to action block.

The plugin gives you control to quickly create and launch any kind of site you want.

Qodeblock is an easy to use page building plugin for any experience level.

Otter Blocks

Otter has put a lot of customization options in each one of their blocks for additional Gutenberg enhancements. Blocks Animation module allows you to add CSS animations to each block.

The Otter Blocks plugin includes an advanced heading block, slider block, maps block, pricing block, testimonial block, sharing icons, and many more blocks.

The plugin is open source and can be used on any WordPress theme. Check out ThemeIsle for more user-friendly themes and plugins.

Essential Blocks

Essential Blocks can help extend your WordPress editor experience with creative blocks. Some of the blocks included in the library: pricing table block, infobox block, typing text block, and a parallax slider.

You can enable or disable individual blocks to make your posts and pages load faster.

Each block is customizable, and as of this writing, there are 22 blocks in the library.


The plugin was designed to give your posts more visual appeal. ZeGuten is easy to use, SEO friendly, and requires no page-builder. The plugin helps publishers to structure content and create visually stunning posts and pages.

Blocks included in the collection: banner, animated box, circle progress, image comparison, and pricing tables. With this plugin you can structure your content like a professional and make it highly responsive.

Download for $37 from ZeGuten website. The plugin works perfectly with the Gutenix theme.


Guteblock provides over 30 premium blocks to help you customize everything within your WordPress block editor.

A few of the blocks included in the plugin are team members, containers, notifications, call to action, sharing icons, and an author profile block.

Combine Guteblock with the Guteblog theme to create a great looking magazine site.

PublishPress Blocks

PublishPress Blocks gives you even more control over the already enhanced Gutenberg editor. This plugin enables you to create high-quality and professional websites. The blocks included: sliders, icons, image galleries, tabs, maps, testimonials, accordions, 24 layout options, and more.

Content Display Block is a powerful way to display posts, custom post types, and pages in a beautiful way. There are dozens of settings that help enhance your content.

Each block can be disabled or enabled on a user-level basis. The option to disable the Classic block is also available to help stop users from using the old WordPress editor. The Columns Manager Block has many extra column features such as layout options, padding, margins, and more.


The Gutentor plugin opens up the world of a page design to the non-coder. Adding this plugin will let you turn your basic pages into very complex pages.

The plugin is SEO-ready. Webpage building blocks bring all the features you need to build exciting web pages and complete sites.

Gutentor comes fully optimized and will help load your website faster. The completely optimized internal or external CSS files for dynamic CSS will speed up the load time.

Aino Blocks

Aino Blocks will help you stand out from the crowd with unique blocks and block patterns for the WordPress block editor. Consider using Aino Blocks together with the Aino Theme to unlock the full potential.

There are many great blocks available in this plugin: arrow button block, author block, badge block, buttons block, card block, divider block, grid block/grid item blocks, flexbox block/flex item blocks, hero block, sticker block, and testimonial block.

All blocks are easy to implement and understand.


Blockspare provides elegant blocks to assist you in creating a website you’ve always dreamed of.

A website can be up and running very quickly with the use of enhanced layout options, many typography settings along with controls, color options galore, icon settings, and even gap settings. 

The block library consists of 30+ blocks. Some of the blocks included: price list, services section, testimonials, logo grid, call to action, and many more.

Attire Blocks

Attire Blocks will help you dress your website from head to toe with its nifty blocks.

Among the blocks included are features/information box, HTML sections, accordions, button options, post grid, post carousel, hero/call-to-action, and a slew of other blocks to help enhance your pages.

Plugin’s developers are adding new features regularly.

The Plus Addons for Gutenberg

There are many pluses in this plugin’s offerings that will help you create impressive websites. You can customize anything you want with 75+ dynamic blocks.

Some of the exclusive features: advanced customization options, compatibility with all themes, support from developers, and ACF/Toolset compatibility that will be coming soon.

The Plus Addons for Gutenberg offers many great functionalities to help with conversions. The plugin is SEO optimized to enhance your SEO efforts. Additional features include: schema-based blocks, A/B tested designs, and ready-made landing pages.

Bonus: PostX – Gutenberg Blocks for Post Grid

PostX provides all the features you need to create great-looking post grids, post sliders, and post carousels. Every aspect of this plugin is visually editable. Making this plugin easy to use and easy to display your posts with.

The plugin brings many Google Fonts for the user to create original posts on a post-by-post basis. PostX can be used to create a news site, a magazine site, a personal blog, blog post grids/listings, a dynamic post slider, and much more.

You do not need to be a designer to make this plugin work for you. There are available presets that help design beautiful post grids straight out of the box.


Blocks represent an outstanding opportunity for WordPress users to build visually stunning websites within minutes.

Each of the block libraries reviewed above have just started their journey on producing effective and useful blocks. Some have already developed amazing collections with hundreds of blocks, layouts, and extensions.

Developers are exploring different ways to improve the block editor. There are millions of WordPress users that are just now realizing the potential of Gutenberg blocks.

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