38 Places to Find Free Illustrations for Websites

free illustrations

Adding illustrations to your website is a great way to make it more visually appealing. You know that click-through rates, as well as the amount of time that visitors are spending on each page, have a great impact on a website’s SEO rankings.

However, you probably also know that purchasing quality illustrations over time can add up – especially if you’re looking for unique designs for every site you create. Luckily, there are some great sites out there that offer high-quality illustrations, free of charge.

We’ve compiled a list of 38 places to find free illustrations for websites:


unDraw provides customizable MIT-licenced illustrations for your next project. You can easily change the colors to match your design. The images are available in SVG and PNG formats.

ManyPixels Illustration Gallery

ManyPixels provides awesome royalty-free designs to level up your projects. From shopping to sports and analytics, the illustrations on this site are meant for use by all types of websites. These unique illustrations will help you stand out from the crowd.

Ouch! Illustrations

Ouch! offers free vector illustrations to help you class up your projects. With illustrations divided up between their respective styles and subjects, the chances of finding a vector design that suits your needs are high.

Stubborn Generator

If you are looking to create custom characters, you will love this character generator. Create a unique story mixing styles, scenes, ​and objects. Designing custom vector people has never been easier.


This open-source illustrations kit allows users to create dynamic and clean designs for any website. From pixel art interior design to characters, icons, and much more. If you are looking for a set of clean illustrations for your landing page, you will enjoy this website.

Stories by Freepik

Stories by Freepik provides cool illustrations to power up your projects. The online editor allows you to choose your own color, style, background, and concept. You can even animate your illustrations!

Open Doodles

Open Doodles provides a collection of hand-drawn vector illustrations. You can download these illustrations in SVG, PNG, and GIF formats.

Absurd Design

This site offers slightly off-the-wall designs that provide a practical purpose. Expressive and innovative, if you’re looking for artsy illustrations, you will not be disappointed.


These awesome isometric illustrations are completely free and make a great addition to any tech site looking to provide its users with that clean and modern web design.

Smash Illustrations

If your website needs something slightly more custom, you will enjoy the ability to create your own colorful and trendy characters with Smash Illustrations.


Drawkit provides hand-drawn vector illustrations and icons for various projects. You can choose between categories like abstract and animals to mobile apps and travel.

Streamline Illustrations

Streamline UX provides more than 19,500 free illustrations. You can choose between multicolor, duotone, or line illustrations. Some of the categories included are podcasts, business, AI, and VR.


Whoosh offers brightly-colored, dynamic illustrations that almost feel as though they are moving on the screen. These illustrations are ready to provide your users with a friendly experience, even when they are getting 404 errors.

Mixkit Art

This free stock art is truly diverse. With illustrations from various artists, covering a wide variety of subjects, this is a site for those looking for images they can use with multiple projects.


Freepik covers your every need and allows you to find free vectors, PSD, icons, stock photos, and much more. Use this as a comprehensive resource for multiple projects with varying needs. Freepik also offers premium design resources.


Humaaans is a design library that allows you to mix and match illustrations. This site provides exactly what it says it does; humans. Only they are completely customizable, from their hair to their shoes, their poses, and everything in between.

Pixabay Illustrations

These free illustrations have been crowdsourced by the website’s contributors, meaning designers will likely not run out of potential illustrations for any site. You will be able to find resources for sites time and time again when searching Pixabay.


Designspace provides high-quality illustrations to help startups and designers do their job faster and more efficiently. You can customize every illustration by primary, secondary, and even ternary colors. This site is very useful if you are looking for vector illustrations that will fit in with the color scheme you have in mind.

Freebie Supply

Freebie Supply curates the freshest design resources for Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. You will find free illustrations, UI kits, icons, and more.


Woobro provides unique vector illustrations that are free to use for commercial projects. These images are designed to help every aspect of your website. You can download the illustrations in SVG, Sketch, AI, and PNG formats.



Iconscout curated some of the best free illustrations from across the internet. You can download illustrations in PNG, SVG, EPS, AI, and other file formats.

Free Illustrations by Lukasz Adam

Lukasz Adam provides awesome SVG illustrations that you can use in commercial projects.

Fresh Folk

Fresh Folk allows users to design interesting scenes with illustrations that feel fresh. You can easily customize the characters, backgrounds, and objects.

IRA Design

IRA Design enables you to build stunning illustrations for your website or mobile app. You will be creating unique pieces of art every time because IRA is packed with awesome gradients as well as hand-drawn sketch components.

Paper Illustrations

Iconscout’s Paper Illustrations gives users 20 free and ready-to-use illustrations that fit into a wide variety of categories. You’ll find vector designs of people working together to solve puzzles, social media illustrations, and more.

UI8 freebies

UI8 curates hundreds of design freebies that will kickstart your creative workflow. On this website, you will find various UI kits, icons, landing pages, illustrations, and much more.


Glaze is a curated royalty-free illustration library that aims to provide its users with free illustrations for landing pages and presentations.

Vector Illustration Creator

Vector Illustration Creator provides a user-friendly interface and the tools necessary to create custom illustrations. Stocked with plenty of images perfect for any site, you will be able to drag them, enlarge them, and customize them the way you want.


Interfacer is a curated collection of illustrations, icons, and many more design resources. You are allowed to use them in commercial projects.

Charco Illustrations

Charco provides 16 free illustrations for personal and commercial projects. These handcrafted illustrations stand out from most other vector art out there, giving your site a personal feel.

Free Designs by Delesign

Delesign’s royalty-free illustrations will impress your website visitors. You can choose your custom color.

Pixel True Illustrations

Pixel True provides top-notch free illustrations and animations for personal and commercial use without attribution. These stunning designs will keep your visitors engaged and on your website longer.

Scale Illustrations by Flexiple

Scale offers a superb collection of high-quality illustrations for your websites or apps. No attribution is required. You can easily change the color to match your brand’s palette.


IsoFlat is a great place to discover free isometric & flat vectors. Want to create a custom isometric illustration? Check out their free isometric design tool – Isobuild. The library offers a wide selection of creative isometric elements.

Open Peeps

Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library that will help you create various scenes of people. You can use a design tool like Sketch, Figma, XD, or Studio to mix & match the elements.

Control Illustrations

Control provides a set of 108 beautiful illustrations to help you create unique scenes for your landing pages. Choose between different styles and action types.

404 Illustrations by Craftwork

404 Illustrations by Craftwork is a collection of 33 free-to-use illustrations for personal and commercial projects. These illustrations will make your 404 pages stand out from the crowd.

404 Illustrations by Kapwing

Supercharge your lost URLs with Kapwing’s trendy 404 illustrations pack. The images are available in PNG format.

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